Mary Castle

School of International Studies

Mary Castle Elementary engages students and staff in obtaining achievement through rigorous learning experiences with a solid foundation based on the Indiana Academic Standards. Mary Castle Elementary has been recognized as a Demonstration School for Rigor with Learning Sciences International. With the support from Learning Sciences International, we have enhanced our school-wide systems, in which school districts, both locally and nationally, desire to learn. Students attending Mary Castle Elementary experience an exciting learning environment that is rigorous, STEM focused, and culturally minded, all housed in our newly renovated, state of the art facility.


Mary Castle will prepare your student for a world without boundaries, a world full of opportunity!  Our focus is based on 21st century teaching practices that will aid our children in taking ownership of their learning, being creative, and developing a growth mindset to be resilient. It is imperative for the future, that all students increase their ability to be autonomous in their thinking, take initiative, work collaboratively, and solve common and uncommon problems. At Mary Castle, we believe that education must focus on bringing the world within reach, through new economy teaching and learning to ensure that our students are globally conscious and internationally minded.  

For more information, contact the school 317-964-4600

What is a Magnet School?

In most Indiana public school systems, students attend the school nearest their home or the one to which they are assigned. Magnet schools offer a unique area of focus and give opportunity for family choice. Each magnet school’s area of focus enhances the core curriculum.
MSD Lawrence Township created a system that allows families to attend their assigned neighborhood magnet school if that is their desire OR apply to attend another magnet school with a different area of focus.