Skiles Test

School of STEM and Spanish Immersion

The Skiles Test staff values strong family and school partnerships, high expectations for all, academic excellence, building character, and a school community where everyone is respected.  We believe in a team approach to education and encourage our families and the community to get involved. 

Skiles Test has caring teachers and staff who are interested in the whole child. We are student centered and focus on building positive relationships and good character. We are proud of our many service projects, both in our school and our community.

Outside of the regular classroom we have devoted one of our Special Area classes entirely to stretching the STEM instruction to emphasize the engineering design process. Tying the learning back to fiction and nonfiction literature, our students are stretched beyond the regular curriculum. 

Skiles Test  is the newest elementary language immersion magnet program in the MSD Lawrence Township, beginning with kindergarten and first grade in 2018. The Spanish Immersion program is designed for students who want to be challenged academically and are ready to be active in their learning. With our STEM  focus, students develop an in-depth interest in science and engineering as they make cultural connections through learning a new language.

Our staff believes that each child is unique, special, and a valued individual. Our teachers provide a differentiated curriculum to meet the individual needs of a diverse group of learners. At Skiles Test, we believe in learning for all and whatever it takes!



For more information, contact the school 317-964-4700

What is a Magnet School?

In most Indiana public school systems, students attend the school nearest their home or the one to which they are assigned. Magnet schools offer a unique area of focus and give opportunity for family choice. Each magnet schoolā€™s area of focus enhances the core curriculum.
MSD Lawrence Township created a system that allows families to attend their assigned neighborhood magnet school if that is their desire OR apply to attend another magnet school with a different area of focus.