Indian Creek
School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)


Indian Creek School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math has been a champion for embracing the future of education since it was relaunched in 1986 as a Science & Technology Magnet. While times and technology have changed over the decades, Indian Creek is always on the cutting edge of what is best for our students. Now teachers are embracing STEM education with the same passion they had at our beginning.

Students at Indian Creek have a robust science curriculum in their classrooms.  From learning how the eye reacts to light through the dissection of a cow's eye to understanding the principles of flight by designing and building their own model aircraft, our students are immersed in science.  Besides the normal science curriculum, teachers take every moment to integrate science into their student's day, whether it is a math lesson, or in a reading unit students are always exposed to science.

Outside of the regular classroom we have devoted one of our Special Area classes entirely to stretching the STEM instruction to emphasize the engineering design process. Tying the learning back to fiction and nonfiction literature our students are stretched beyond the regular curriculum.

Even our video announcements each morning include science, whether it's a quick fact of an experiment or demonstration!


For more information, contact the school 317-964-4400.



What is a Magnet School?

In most Indiana public school systems, students attend the school nearest their home or the one to which they are assigned. Magnet schools offer a unique area of focus and give opportunity for family choice. Each magnet school’s area of focus enhances the core curriculum.
MSD Lawrence Township created a system that allows families to attend their assigned neighborhood magnet school if that is their desire OR apply to attend another magnet school with a different area of focus.