Indian Creek
School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)


Indian Creek School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math has been a champion for embracing the future of education since it was relaunched in 1986 as a Science & Technology Magnet School. While times and technology have changed over the decades, Indian Creek's passion to remain on the cutting edge of education has not. Indian Creek is now dedicated to incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) into everything we do.

Students at Indian Creek are exposed to a robust STEM curriculum both in and out of their classrooms. From learning about measurement through launching their very own candy catapults to understanding the principles of flight through engineering and designing their own model aircrafts, our students are immersed in STEM. Beyond a traditional science curriculum, teachers take every moment to integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics into their student's day regardless of content area. Whether it is a math lesson or a reading unit, students are engaged in cross curricular activities that allow them to be innovative and real-world problem solvers.

Outside of the classroom we have devoted three of our five Special Area classes entirely to stretching our STEM curriculum. These three unique Special Area classes include Robotics & Design, Computer Science, and STEM Lab. If your child would enjoy coding and programming computers, engineering and designing their own robot, or using their own creativity to solve real world problems then these are the classes for him or her.

We believe that a strong STEM education is one that results in the skills and attitudes that opens the door for lifelong learning and future opportunities. We believe that a strong STEM education must occur daily, be culturally responsive, focus on being problem-based, and engages students in hands-on experiences that offer opportunities to be innovative and interact with STEM professionals. We believe by offering a strong STEM education we are fulfilling our mission to empower our students to Engineer the Future. 

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What is a Magnet School?

In most Indiana public school systems, students attend the school nearest their home or the one to which they are assigned. Magnet schools offer a unique area of focus and give opportunity for family choice. Each magnet school’s area of focus enhances the core curriculum.
MSD Lawrence Township created a system that allows families to attend their assigned neighborhood magnet school if that is their desire OR apply to attend another magnet school with a different area of focus.